Els Mockler Photography

"I chose Els as my photographer because I liked the photos right away. She was so sweet with all the children even though she didn't understand the language. Els made an incredible effort to capture as many photos as possible. She created beautiful photos from very poorly lit rooms and without any accessories."

Hi, I'm Ellie!

I'm originally from England, although I haven't lived there for a while now. I have moved about from Hong Kong, to Vienna, to Hangzhou in China, and now, we are living in Luxembourg. I have a 3-year old daughter, Penny, who is often my muse.

Having worked as an international teacher for many years, I have stepped in to the world of photography. I have a candid photography style, and like to snap the heart-warming moments that you might not see. I try and capture a feeling that will evoke happy memories for years to come.

"This was our first newborn-shoot. Els‘s great personality and her professional approach made us feel comfortable in our own home while going at the pace of our baby. The truly amazing pictures speak for themselves,"
"I had this idea for a long time to find a photographer who could capture our family moments on the spot, when doing day to day activities. Day to day love. When I found Ellie’s work, that was it. Our session at home with her will remain a remarkable memory for our family as we had so much fun all together. And with my partner and kids, we were so much into it that we forgot Ellie’s sweet presence :) the outcome, the pictures, are amazing. It fully represents us, with so much details and emotions. We will definitely ask for another session, maybe outside this time :)!"

"A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people."

—Annie Leibovitz